Boulder High School Class of 1969 • 50th Reunion • July 19, 20, 21, 2019

Boulder High School
Class of 1969
50th Reunion
Why Come?
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Why Come? The Reunion is about YOU, not the Past


The 50th Reunion is about YOU, today,
seizing the opportunity before us to enjoy each other's company while we still can.

50 years ago, just under 500 of us launched into the future as the Boulder High School Class of 1969. We received diplomas and then learned what we needed were operation and service manuals for life. Our times together at Boulder High started the first chapters of those manuals. Now, 50 years later, we are getting together to laugh and share and learn about the rest of those manuals that each of us has been authoring and the experiences we had illustrating them. Being unique first editions, no critics may comment except with praise and exaltations.

The 50th reunion will extend beyond the great venues where we share the company of fellow classmates as we learn and laugh together and reminisce about the times together five decades ago. 50th Reunions are more rewarding and complex than being a party. Memories from times together help bind us, but our 50th Reunion most certainly is not about reliving high school. No one wants to do that.

Call it maturing, healing, evolution, growing, or whatever suits you, we are not the same people we were 50 years ago, nor should we be. That is why the 50th Reunion is about all of us, today, and not reliving times long past. That past and our memories are the glue that bonds us, not the destination for our 50th Reunion.

A major reason to attend our 50th Reunion is because we can. The Deceased Classmates list strikes everyone. We see that holes have formed in cherished segments of our lives together. Now is the time to delight in treasured memories and form new ones by sharing more hopes, dreams, and plans with special people. We should not look back and regret not getting together now with people with whom we experienced so many hopes, dreams, laughs, and, yes, disappointments that have now receded into the past.

We have learned that life is not a competitive event. Neither is our 50th Reunion. Come together for a joint victory lap. After all, we all helped start the manuals we have been writing. Remember to bring praise and exaltations along with smiles, laughter, photos, memories, plans for the future, and, of course, reading glasses to see our nametags.

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Share your contact information and submit a biographical sketch even if you cannot make the reunion by going to the above registration page. You can tell us you will not make it and still submit contact and bio-sketch information for the 50th Reunion Panther Tracks Reunion Book. Remember, Panther Tracks and all reunion organizing are being done solely by volunteers from your Boulder High School Class of 1969.


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Welcome to the Boulder High School Class of 1969

The time has come to renew friendships and have more wonderful memories of our times together, those surprising many years ago. Now, we marvel at our wisdom and strength and endurance.

-- The 50th Reunion Organizers


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